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About Timmy B Yoga

This is Timmy B Yoga - my name is Tim Brew and I'm delighted to welcome you to my yoga site.

So, how did my corporate life and yoga paths cross?

After years of people saying to me – ‘you should try yoga’ - I eventually joined a fitness yoga class at the local leisure centre in late 2017. I immediately felt at home and after a few weeks, quickly moved on to regular ‘yoga classes’. I then started to explore different yoga teachers and different styles. 

In 2018, while still working full time as a consultant in the IT, Banking and Payments markets, where I had worked in global roles for over 35 years, I starting to think about what should I do with my life next? Then, strangely two different yoga teachers said to me, within a week of each other, that I should think about becoming a yoga teacher – and the rest is history! 

After qualifying in 2019 and starting to teach immediately thereafter, I gave up consulting business in 2021 and now teach full time, providing in-person classes in Wiltshire and West Berkshire, on-line classes as well as private one to one sessions.

Through my classes, I can help you physically to build strength, improve flexibility, work to heal injuries and emotionally to feel more connected, balanced and generally just better about yourself. My classes are quite strong, but always open to all abilities and levels.  I like to teach quite flowing classes that slowly deepen your practice almost without the student realising they are doing more advanced or complex poses.  

​I have been and remain really keen to encourage more men to try yoga. After I started practising yoga regularly, I quickly found it had a big impact not just on my body but more importantly on my mind. I found I was able to make clearer, better decisions, particularly at work where I was working in highly stressful situations. Delivering complex projects was suddenly less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. I put these changes down to more clarity of mind from my yoga. If you work in a stressful environment and would like to discuss in more, please come and try a few classes or contact me discuss in more detail. 

Following on from two years of training and mentorship programmes, with the amazing Sandra Robinson, incorporating Body Psychotherapy techniques into Forrest Yoga, I now regularly include some of these techniques into my classes to assist with both physical and emotional injuries as well as giving students the tools to help themselves manage past trauma.  These can also be explored on an individual basis through private one to one classes. 

​I have completed over 600 hours of teacher training, including Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Forrest Yoga and re-Balance Yoga & Body Psychotherapy. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced in your practice you will be in safe hands.

​Has anyone said to you - You should try Yoga? Well, now is your chance - don't wait - you might just love it too!  What YOU can achieve through Yoga is simply amazing! You don’t have to be flexible to practice Yoga, just come along and join any of my friendly classes and give it a go. 

​I hope to see you on a mat very soon.

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