About Timmy B Yoga

This is Timmy B Yoga - my name is Tim Brew and I'm delighted to welcome you to my yoga site.

So, how did my corporate life and yoga paths cross?


I only started Yoga in 2017, at a fitness yoga class in the local leisure centre. I immediately felt at home and started attending classes regularly. I explored different yoga teachers and different styles.


Late in 2018, I started to think about what should I do with my life, as I slowly started to retreat from 30 years of flying around the world doing business in IT, Banking and Payments. Yoga of course! Two of my teachers said to me within a week that I should think about becoming a Yoga teacher - well here I am and I am now teaching!

I am really keen to get more men into Yoga. I would also like to help people with injuries or experiencing pain where Yoga may help them. If your doctor has said you should try Yoga, but you don't fancy going to a class - get in contact and I will be delighted to chat and explore whether Yoga might help you.

I qualified as a teacher in 2019 and currently teach a number of Hatha Yoga classes. I am a follower of Forrest Yoga and was planning to complete my teacher training in Forrest in 2020, but this was cancelled due to Covid-19.  In 2020 I complete my Restorative Yoga teacher training. Restorative Yoga is deeply relaxing and great to replenish your mind and body. Watch out for my monthly Restorative Class in the calendar, or contact me for details of the next class.

Have people recommended that you should try Yoga? Well, now is your chance - don't wait - you might just love it too!

Hope to see you on a mat very soon.