If you thought that yoga was just for really flexible slim young people who can bend their bodies into strange shapes - then you are mistaken!

The benefits of an active lifestyle are highly documented, so it can be incredibly frustrating when age, illness, or injury makes exercising a challenge. Luckily, chair yoga is both safe and effective and for everyone!

If you have limited mobility, for example would find it difficult to get up from the floor, or would find it difficult or uncomfortable to sit on the floor, but would like to achieve:-

  • Improved Flexibility and Mobility  - the ability to bend, twist, stretch and move more freely is important for everything we do in life. So practising and improving the flexibility and mobility in a safe and controlled environment will help you to have it always available.  Make sure you use it and don't lose it!

  • Improved Proprioception - when you practise yoga you will be moving your body into different positions (Poses) and as you move from one to another you will naturally improve your ability to know where your body is.  This can have  big impact on co-ordination, which when improved will reduce the likelihood of falls. 

  • Increased Strength  - as we move our bodies in a controlled way under guidance we can work into all muscles across the body and over time this will build strength, which can reduce the likelihood of falls.  It will also improve your body's ability to withstand injury.

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Taster class free - call or email me to book!

Every Thursday from 10th June 2021

Coronation Hall - East Grafton

3.00pm - 4.00pm.

Yoga for 45 minutes followed by a quick cup of tea and maybe a piece of cake!!

Taster class free - please contact me to book your first class

Call 07747 780898 or email me at