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Sunday Workshops

March 17th 2023 - 9.30am - 12.00pm     


Our shoulders are amazing!!  However they are also very complex with lots of moving parts.  Being very flexible they also have weaknesses, which mean that most people will suffer with niggles in their shoulders from time to time.

In this workshop you will learn some basic anatomy of the shoulders, the key muscles in the back and how these interact. 

We will also explore alignment in yoga poses to protect from injuring the body unnecessarily. Learning how to set up the shoulders for poses, from side plank and lounge lunge to dolphin and forearm balances.  Experience of inversions is not necessary and you don't have to do any to learn how to do the set up so you have strong shoulders.


Inversions can be frightening and intimidating to some of us while great fun to those who enjoy them.  You will not have to do any inversions in this workshop - but the opportunity will be there for those who want to go upside down safely.

The practice will end with a longer than usual Savasana 😀.

After the workshop we will have light refreshments and a cup of tea and a chat.   

Dolphin with flat back

12th May 2023 - 9.30am - 12.00pm


Hips - in this workshops we will explore the link between our hips, our neck and stress - in this case emotional stress. Whether you are stressed out or not, the practice will be a wonderful release and hopefully leave you feeling relaxed and happy! 

This workshop will be also include an introduction to the anatomy of the Hips, showing the hip flexors, glutes and major leg bones.

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