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Welcome to Timmy B Yoga

Yoga changes your mind and body in amazing ways.  When practised regularly, it reduces stress, improves flexibility, balance and builds strength in all core muscle groups. Regular Yoga helps to fight off aches and pains, and keep you fit and healthy.  It also calms the mind, enabling clearer thinking and better decision making.

Yoga is for everyone, no matter how inflexible you are or how old you are!


What to expect from my classes

All my Yoga classes are inspired by Forrest Yoga a variation of Hatha Yoga which is the umbrella by which all other strands of Yoga have descended.  Forrest Yoga, a strong and healing type of Yoga, was originally developed by the amazing Ana Forrest in the 1970s and is consistently being updated.  I  completed my Advanced Forrest Yoga Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in 2021.

All my classes follow a similar format, starting with some centering and breathing, or pranayama.  It is really important to connect to the body at the start of a class, allowing the mind to quieten, slow down the heart rate and begin to feel more grounded.  Classes then move through a warm up and into more active poses, including abdominals.  Most classes include an element of sun salutations to continue to build the heat into the body.  All classes finish with a relaxation, normally guided or with a visualisation. 

Why Forrest Yoga?  In Forrest Yoga, we work with a gentle relaxed neck, active hands and active feet, which makes a huge difference to the feel of poses, as well as activating the inner thigh line bringing poses to life - it is like turning on the fairy lights in your body.  Forrest also includes lots of modified poses specifically to release and maintain healthy neck and shoulders.    

Forrest Yoga helps therefore to counteract the damage caused by modern life - to reduce stress and release tension in the neck, shoulders and hips. A perfect antidote to modern working life, using mobile phones, driving or sitting for long periods at a desk!

Forrest Yoga includes hands on assists, which are always completely optional, but allow the student to deepen their practice in a safe and controlled way. 

How do you get started?

All you need is a mat and the willingness to give it a go!  

If you would like to have a chat about how Yoga could help you please do get in touch.  I also offer private one to one sessions, particularly suitable for those who prefer a private environment, or want to deepen their practice, or possibly as a starting point to build the confidence and so you feel prepared to come to a class. I can also assist with anyone with major medical or spinal injuries, where your doctor has advised Yoga as a treatment. These are also perfect for anyone struggling with any form of trauma, PTSD or if you just want lots of personal attention.  Private classes are conducted in my studio in Wexcombe.  

I am just a regular guy, with over 35 years working in business who found Yoga relatively late in life, loved it and decided to become a teacher to share it. If I can do it, so can you.

Get in touch by email, text or message me directly or through Facebook @timmybyoga.

My Qualifications

I am constantly learning and expanding my knowledge in the never ending journey into the depths of yoga!  Originally qualifying in Hatha Yoga in 2019.  I have completed my Advanced Forrest with Ana Forrest and most recently a further 200 hour teacher training, called re-Balance Yoga with Sandra Robinson which integrates Forrest Yoga with Body Psychotherapy.  I am also qualified in Restorative Yoga and Special Needs Yoga, focussed on students with injuries and other disabilities.


In 2021 I also completed a twelve month Mentorship programme with Sandra Robinson, a senior Forrest Teacher and Chartered Body Psychotherapist, to depend my knowledge of Forrest Yoga and how body psychotherapy techniques can be incorporated into Yoga. These techniques can help students recovering from trauma and help to ensure that as a teacher that I don't suffer from burn out!  


In 2023 I joined the inaugural Re-Balance training programme set up by Sandra as the first course to train students how to deepen these skills so that they can take them back out to their students.  

In total I have now completed over 600 hours of teacher training.


Contact me

Timmy B Yoga

Wexcombe, Near Marlborough, Wiltshire, England.  SN8 3SQ

Tel: 07747 780898


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