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Best classes I've ever done!

“Reflecting on the last year, there are some wonderful things I have gained through lockdown’s disruption. It has given me time to participate regularly in Tim’s yoga classes and this has made me better friends with my body, I am both stronger and fitter. The discovery of how breathing can calm my mind and power my body has been a revelation. Thank you Tim.”  George.

Easy style and infectious enthusiasm 

Tim’s easy style and infectious enthusiasm make him a superb Yoga teacher.  He creates a very inclusive atmosphere in his classes and links assorted poses into very enjoyable flowing sequences with a sympathetic use of ‘options’ in the more testing postures. His classes are suitable for all, regardless of age or experience. I have both, so I know this to be true. I was lucky enough to be a student at Tim’s first classes which were instantly enjoyable and I have been returning ever since. His anticipation of possible problems and knowledgeable guidance make his teaching as effective on Zoom as it is in the studio. James.

I wish I had started earlier!

I started yoga with Tim a year ago having avoided it for nearly 70 years, well that was a mistake! I love it, I feel fitter, relaxed, energised, and comfortable in my skin. I have asthma and Tim’s teaching has helped my confidence with breathing especially meaningful during the pandemic. Tim creates a safe environment of both support and challenge – I feel empowered to push boundaries, take some risks and at the same time take care of myself and love and respect my body. Never imagined I would have confidence to do crows, camels and moons and many other poses! Whether you are new to yoga or more experienced Tim gives options so you never feel incompetent or excluded. Tim’s attention to detail and instructions, both during the classes and his joining instructions is fantastic – everything is thought through with care. I have just done one of his videos – highly recommended.  Annie

The Highlight of my week!

We slip out of yoga every week rather mesmerised and chilled out, so I never really get a chance to say thank you properly. 
So, thank you properly. 
I used to scoff at yoga, until I did it. Now I find it the best highlight of the week. I think I’ve also figured out how I can get back from London in time to keep coming to class. 
Thank you for running these classes and do hope you get as much from them as I do. 

Finding peace and space

I have practiced 'Yoga' in the past because it was the 'trend' I guess and because everyone talks about alternative relaxation ..mindfulness ..strength... in body and mind .. I've never practised a session (Pilates or Yoga)and genuinely come away thinking it did me any good (or bad).

Your practice changed that for me. Your approach and just how accepting and patient you are helped me to feel settled ..not judged.. and welcome (regardless of my ability or inability).

I'd like to thank you for the wealth of peace you have helped me to find.. though your practice I have found a space for me .. something I never knew I needed but with the realisation of modern family life something I'd struggle now to return to world with out.  Siobhan.

After my first class....

“Just wanted to say how good Yoga session was today. I had no idea what to expect but I finished the session totally relaxed, so it was a big positive experience. Thank you! We do need to try and get more people to benefit/take part.”   Neil.

Feeling calm - Love it!

“I joined the yoga sessions with Tim not only on Wednesdays but the ones he does through the week. I love how they help restoring your body after work, leaving you with a positive and calm mindset. It’s easy for beginners but still attractive for those with more experience. Love it !”  Maria.

Restorative yoga

Tim I loved the restorative class so thank you so much. I particularly liked the chest opener, legs up wall and cobbler pose. The props were easy to use so it didn't matter that we were remote. I loved the reading at the end and actually drifted off which is most unlike me so shows I switched off. My dog was so funny, he was in a coma all evening! I hope his snoring didn't come through! Thanks again for lovely restful evening and please consider doing it frequently xx   Amanda.

Feeling calm and relaxed

Thank you Tim for a fabulous evening yoga session.
I was pleasantly surprised by how calm and relaxed I felt afterwards.  A lovely feeling.


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