Ancient Woodlands and Bluebells with free meditation!

Updated: May 13

Yesterday I visited Savernake forest, originally designated as a Royal forest in the 12th Century and at that time covering 150 square miles! It is still an impressive size covering about 4500 acres between Great Bedwyn and Marlborough. It sits within the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Beauty.

It is a working Forest and the Forestry Commission actively manage the younger trees, coppicing and thinning out to enable the trees to constantly regenerate and grow. Where they are close together the trees grow really straight and this can be seen in many parts of the forest. This management allows the light to descend to the forest floor which promotes the growth of the Bluebells. The forest is hugely important and contains more ancient trees than any other site in Europe, including the Famous "Belly Oak" on the edge of the A346 which is about 11 meters in girth and is estimated to be between 1000 and 1100 years!

The cold weather this spring has held back the bluebells and now with the rain and warmer nights they have now all sprung into action and are now at their most spectacular. The forest almost seems alive right now with Bluebells. The colour this year seems deeper and darker than usual - and the smell is almost intoxicating. By chance last week I did a short Bluebell visualisation at the end of some of my classes, so I thought I would re-record that along with a short Yoga Nidra. This can be used as a standalone practice as a meditation or as a long deeply relaxing Savasana.

I hope you enjoy the relaxation and if you get a chance get over to the forest and soak up the colour and fragrance for yourself.

Look who picked the spot to sit down! These three came with me to the forest and sat quietly amongst the bluebells. It must have a calming effect on spaniels too!

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