What's your favourite pose?

I often get asked what's your favourite pose? So, I thought I would share a couple of poses that I really enjoy. Firstly what's my favourite Warrior pose? This is quite tricky, as it depends a bit on the day and what I have been doing! If I have been in the office for a while in front of the laptop, then after a bit of a warm up how about extended warrior variation. Other favourites would be archer warrior one and Warrior one with eagle arms into humble warrior - but those can be for another day!

Extended warrior variation is a Forrest Yoga variation of extended side angle. It allows you to really peel back the layers of the onion opening up the front of the body. Start in warrior 2, then with active feet move into extended side angle, lowering front elbow onto your knee and windmilling the top arm overhead to stretch the whole of the topside of the body. Slowly move that arm a little towards the back of you and then fold the arm over your back snuggling the hand down behind your back onto the top of the front thigh, or holding your leggings or back of shirt.

You can see my right hand on the top of my left thigh. Head can be looking up as you draw your right should back and open up through heart centre. Alternatively you can relax your head altogether, which would be more of a Forrest version. Notice the active feet and hands - this is important to stay super grounded and connected to your mat! Remember to always repeat on the other side.

Extended Warrior Variation

What's my favourite balance? For a gentle practice, it has to be half moon moving into quarter moon. We all know how the moon impacts our moods, and energy levels. This is such a great pose, with several levels available there is always a version for everyone. I think it is best to use a cork block. Start in Warrior two take a cork block in front hand - the left in this picture. Then place the block about 2 feet in front of your left foot straighten the left leg floating up the right leg to horizontal. You want to have a really stable base for a good half moon.

Half Moon

Once you are stable with lovely right angles between the standing leg, body and lower arm the raised leg wants to be horizontal with the floor. The body should be vertical with the right hip on top of left. Your head can look down, across the room or as in traditional version up at the top hand. Notice again the active feet and hands these help to connect you the earth and let the energy flow!

For a bit of fun you can bend the top leg and take hold of the ankle with your raised hand coming into a quarter moon. Here, kick the top ankle up raising the right knee to open the right hip. After a few breaths come back into half moon, or try moving directly into dancer pose!!

Quarter Moon

I hope you enjoyed my a few of my favourite poses, please let me know what's your favourite pose and I will try to build it into your next class! Thanks for reading!

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