Yoga is brilliant for Stress Management!

I only discovered Yoga about 5 years ago. At the time I was feeling pretty good with life. However, only a couple of years earlier, I had been suffering with severe workplace stress and burn out. What I discovered simply amazed me.

Relaxation with Sidney!

Early in 2019 I landed a big consulting job, in London. This assignment was reporting to the board of a public company to deliver some significant business transformations within very tight timescales. A pretty high powered piece of work. On my first day during my first meeting the timescales changed from 3 months to 1 month, as the business was in the middle of a take over bid! A few years earlier and I would have been sent into stress overload - but not anymore.

This assignment was based in London, leaving early and spending long days working and travelling up to 4 hours a day. Despite the long hours and tough assignment, I never got stressed. I had discovered Yoga, which enabled me to breathe properly, to stand back and consider difficult situations, and then make the right decision and crack on with delivery. No stress, just a clear mind working at full potential. It was this experience that confirmed to me that I had to become a Yoga teacher and share the magic with others.

Yoga is clearly very powerful. Each class starts with a short period of breathing, which helps to clear the monkey mind from the constant bombardment of unhelpful and stressful thoughts; you haven't done this, or you shouldn't have done that! Then for the next hour or so, you can use your breath to practice, enabling the mind to take a rest. This rest time makes a huge difference to the mind when you need to fire it back up again!

My classes can help to reduce stress. If you would like to try my Yoga please message me for a free taster class. If you are new to Yoga or just want to come back to Yoga after a break, why not sign up for my 6 week introduction and refresher course starting on the 19th May?

You don't have to be fit, young, flexible to do yoga! You just need to be willing to give it a go. You will then become stronger, fitter, healthier, more flexible AND less stressed!

Yoga is just one of the top ten tips in the "Mini Guide" I published earlier this month on Stress Management. If you would like a free copy of the guide, please just sign up to my email list and download the report immediately. CLICK HERE to sign up and download your copy.

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