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Reiki Healing With TimmyB

Reiki is a holistic treatment that can support you during times of trauma, stress, anxiety and tension.​ It is non invasive and suitable for anyone.

  • struggling to sleep. 

  • feeling stressed, tired. 

  • looking to find support for your healing.

  • need support coping with side effects of medication.

What is Reiki and how may it help you?

Reiki is a gentle holistic healing practice. It works using Universal Energy.

Recipient is fully clothed.

Suitable to complement heath care with conventional treatments.

Reiki promotes a deep relaxation response which facilitates your own healing. Reiki supports the re-balancing the body and mind. 

Tim Brew is fully a qualified and insured Reiki Practitioner.



Taster Session

If you would like to have a trial session of Reiki, why not book a taster.  These are thirty minutes in total.  They start with a short discussion on you and what you would like to work on for the session.  

Reiki Taster - £ 20

Reiki Healing Session

This is one hour Reiki session in my studio.  As per the taster session we start by setting an intention for the healing. What you would like to work with for the session.  

60 minute Healing Session - £50

Yoga and Reiki

For the full experience book a private 1-2-1 yoga class (Forrest or Restorative) to include a 15 minute Reiki treatment during Savasana.

This is the experience that introduced me to Reiki and works so well together.


Yoga and Reiki Private 


To book a session, please send me a message and I will contact you with available sessions.  As sessions are different in length I am unable to offer on-line booking yet!

Or you are welcome to message me on 07747 780 898

Thanks for submitting!

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My Reiki Story

Why did I start on my Reiki Journey?

I found Reiki when I was teamed up with a Reiki Practitioner on a course in 2020.  It had a major impact on me and became something I wanted to investigate and know more about. It was only in 2023 that the opportunity came up to attend an introduction course - Reiki Level 1. I went along with no expectations and very little knowledge on Reiki.  

After learning Reiki Level 1, I started to treat Susie and the dogs and everyone seemed to love the experience.  I then started to introduce it to some of my 1-2-1 Yoga clients and again had a very positive response. So I decided to continue my learning and attended Reiki Level 2 with Janey Whittemore - my Reiki Master.

After completing 17 case studies and lots of treatments, both in person and remotely, I am delighted to now offer Reiki to my clients.


I am particularly excited about offering Yoga and Reiki as a combined session, as the two aspects are so complementary. Both are healing but in different ways. If you need support then come and try a session with a taster slot. 

Reiki has also taught me that there are many things in life that we don't fully understand. The answers can't always be found in Google and that's okay 😀. 

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